Month: April 2021


About Achievable solutions NGO

“Achievable solutions”  NGO is a non-profit organization established on February 5, 2015 and works for the welfare of society. The Mission of the Achievable solutions NGO: To support initiatives of the local people, local development, change people's attitudes towards society…


How is the weather?

The weather in Mongolia is very harsh. July and August are rainy and wet moths. June and September have quite similar weather and will be +15- +20 degrees Celsius. May and October also similar with windy and dry weather.


What about transport to Mongolia?

There are direct flights from Istanbul, Nursultan, Beijing, Hong Kong, Seuol, Tokyo, Moscow, Berlin, Bishkek into Ulaanbaatar. Also, available is the Trans-Mongolia train from Moscow and Beijing. Domestic flights and buses are available to travel around the rest of Mongolia. …

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