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We’re a friendly bunch here at Altai Expeditions and we’d love to hear from you. If you’re interested in discussing about your planning  tour or want to find out more about us then feel free to get in touch.

Company Information

Altai Expeditions is a full service local tour operator. It has an hotel, a Guest House with attached coffee shop, and two Ger camps. The company is based in Olgii and they offer tours throughout Western Mongolia’s four Aimags (Provinces). The owner, Bekbolat Bugibay is committed to sustainable tourism and to improving the livelihood of local Kazakh people. He has a deep respect for his ancestral home and is committed to protecting the environment and the culture of the people.

Bekbolat has been working within the tourism industry for over seventeen years now. He is an experienced mountain climber and is steeped within the culture of Hunting with Eagles which is vibrant within the local community. His employees are made up of teams of guides, translators, cooks, drivers and others that share Bekbolat’s commitment to eco- friendly and quality driven tourism.

Altai Expeditions also works with an NGO called ‘Achievable Solutions,’ an NGO that Bekbolat helped found. This NGO assists with primary education, local health, business training and handicraft production of Kazakh women. The embroideries and Art which are available at Altai Peaks Ger camp and the Jadira Coffee shop are made by women members of the organisation.

ALTAI EXPEDITIONS offers tours with Mountain climbing, Hiking, Golden Eagle Festival tour, Home stay with Nomadic families, Horseback riding tours, Fly fishing, Mountain biking as well as many other activities.

All tours are designed to make your experiences unforgettable and safe. They can be pre-organised, customised, guided, either large or small.


    About The Founders Of Altaiexpeditions



Bekbolat, the founder of Altai Expeditions, was born as one of the 10 children of the family, in 1979 near Dayan lake in the territory of Sagsai soum of Bayan-Olgii province.

Then he successfully finished high school in 1998 and applied the chemistry of ecology class of Mongolian National University and finished as an ecologist with a good score in 2002.

He graduated from university and returned to his hometown. Even though he started his career as a part-time teacher at school, he was unemployed because of not having adequate class hours.

Even though he went looking for a job in many places but he could not a job. Since he decided to learn English, he attended a 6-month English course initiated by Chris, one of the Peace Corps Volunteers from the USA. This became the one of reason of him to work in tourism.

After 6 months by having a little English he started working as a guide with foreign tourists.

Later, he bought the second hand Russian jeep /UAZ 469/ with his earned income. He showed the beautiful nature of his hometown to the tourists coming from abroad and started to cooperate with them. This helped him increase his family income and until 2007 he worked in the company of acquaintances and friends. Then in 2007 he founded Altai Peaks, current Altai Expeditions LLC.

Even though he registered his company on the state registry in 2007, he didn’t get such big group travels till 2009. However, in 2009, the project of him was selected for the projects to develop tourism in rural areas and support  start up businesses, which were announced by the Swiss Agency for Development and Coorperation. Then by getting support from the agency he created his own website and opened the tourism information center in the Ulgii city center. It is considered that opening the first ger camp with 4 gers supported by the project funding was a great opportunity for Bekbolat’s business to be started more successfully.

Bekbolat has always worked to pay attention to development of his hometown and the people of his town by sharing his knowledge with them. He has worked as a project coordinator at NGO called development of Kazakh family initiated by Barbara, the citizen of the USA since 2006. For the purpose of providing children in the countryside with the opportunity to study at kindergarten a kindergarten with 2 classrooms was opened in Sogoog, Ulaankhus soums. He has helped people of the town to run business in agriculture, increase income the family and successfully set up a cooperative consisting of housewives to do a project of making handcrafts to sell them to domestic and foreign tourists.

Bekbolat Bugibay always develops himself and an innovative person. He took part in CBI sustainable tourism development program carried out by government of Holland in 2013.

He completed successfully a 3-week program of LEAD Mongolia-2017 program carried out by the government of the USA at Virginia University in the USA.

Bekbolat is not only able to develop tourism, but he also constantly works to develop projects and activities for the community, to provide opportunities for local people.

In 2018, he founded  NGO called “Achievable solutions” and successfully carried out many projects and events to enhance the quality of education and health in the province of Bayan- Olgii, improve knowledge and education of teachers and support the local people to do business in agriculture.

He also has successfully managed to find investments from other countries and spent specific amount of the income of Altai Expeditions LLC on carrying out events and projects of social welfare.

Bekbolat’s work was appreciated by the government and he was awarded a certificate of honor of the Ministry of Education and  Ministry of Tourism.



Kunsaule was born in Bulgan soum which is the farthest soum of Bayan-Olgii province. She is the 6th child of 11 children of the family. She graduated from National University of Mongolia as a teacher of Physics and Geography. She met Bekbolat in the University dorm then they got married in 2003.

She has been working as a teacher at school no.1 and cofounded Altai Expeditions LLC with her husband. Teachers’ summer holiday makes it possible to work in tourism and help increase the family income.

Kunsaule provides a great management of Eagle’s Nest hotel, Altai Peaks ger camp, Tolbo Lake ger camp, Altai Guest House and Jadra coffee shop of Altai Expeditions LLC. Her major as a teacher of geography helps plan new tour itinerary and run tourism business in Mongolia.

Kunsaule is a mother of 5 children, skilled teacher and one of the best managers who is doing her job well with honor.

The government of Mongolia appreciated her work and she was awarded a certificate of honor and a leading official of the Ministry of Education.

Habil (Haba)


Bagdaulet (Bahu)






Eagle’s Nest Hotel

Altai Expeditions own hotel, Eagle’s Nest, is located on the outskirts of the town of Ulgii, about fifteen minutes by car from the airport. Easy to reach and within walking distance from the town’s center, Eagle’s Nest Hotel has an unrestricted view of the Altai Mountains.

The construction of Eagle’s Nest began in 2011 and opened for business in the summer of 2013. It consists of a two story brick/stucco building with a flat roof and an ample courtyard with outbuildings, in the style of the region. It was constructed to provide our clients with all essential comforts, in a tastefully designed and furnished modern building, while preserving the characteristic simplicity of a Kazakh home.

The furniture is all locally crafted, floors and walls are decorated with Kazakh rugs and embroidered felt carpets. The design team includes a New York based architect who was inspired by the local architecture, as well as the “mission” of Altai Expeditions to open up the hidden beauty of the Altai Mountains, thereby supporting the economic development of the local people.

Eagle’s Nest has ten double bedrooms, each with its own full bath with flush toilets, with comfortable single or double beds.

On the ground floor there is a restaurant which serves both international and local food, as well as a fully stocked bar. The rest of the ground floor consists of a comfortable lounge where guests can meet, and a reception desk which will provide guests with all the services they require. The ground floor will also be used as an exhibition space of the fine embroidery produced by the women of the region in cooperation with the Altai Expeditions Organization.

Fully equipped for all modern forms of communication

Eagle’s Nest is fully equipped for all modern forms of communication, including full mobile phone accessibility, cable web access, PCs, printers, and scanners.

Eagle’s Nest also serves as headquarters for Altai Expeditions, as well as the point of departure and return for all tours. It is also used to train local people as guides, cooks, translators, drivers, and all other skills necessary to develop the region as a first class adventure travel destination, matching the region’s unspoiled beauty with the Kazakh tradition of unselfish hospitality.

Reasonable costs
The costs of Eagle’s Nest rooms and restaurant are kept at very reasonable levels to reflect the objective of combining basic modern comfort with simplicity. Costs are seasonally adjusted and included in the tour price.


The Altai Peaks Ger Camp, located about 2 km west of the Bayan-Ulgii airport and 8 km from the town of Ulgii, was established in 2009. It consists of twenty one traditionally furnished gers, with between two and three beds per ger, accommodating up to thirty guests. The cost of ger stay and meals are included in your tour price.

The camp also includes a beautiful, authentic Kazakh restaurant. Our professional cook will prepare Western, Asian and traditional Mongolian and Kazakh hot and cold dishes such as “Besbarmak”, airag yogurt, yak cheese and hot milk. “Besbarmak” means “five fingers”, because the meal is typically eaten with the hands. It consists of a delicious stewed mutton, various sausages and vegetables, and homemade noodles sprinkled with parsley and onion.

For an authentic Besbarmak meal, a boiled sheep’s head is placed on the table in front of the most honored guest who cuts bits and parts from the head and offers them to the other guests at the table. (It is, of couse, also possible to ask the staff to leave the sheep’s head in the kitchen!)

The camp is fully equipped with modern bathroom facilities including flush toilets and comfortable showers with warm and cold running water fed by 220w power system, and its own clean water deep drilled well. The camp has full mobile cell phone and Wifi.

The Ger Camp also provides a regular program of live, traditional Kazakh music performances, a souvenir shop, and Kazakh embroidery exhibits.


Our camp is located on the shore of Lake Tolbo, 45 km from the Ulgii city. Lake Tolbo is a large freshwater lake on the side of the Altai mountain range. It is in Bayan-Ulgii and it is surrounded by mountains which are 2000 meters high. The ancient ice basin has a significant influence on the formation of the lake’s freshwater reservoir. Lake Tolbo is a remarkable lake that has not been polluted and changed by people. The road to the Tolbo Lake camp will take 30 minutes from the center of Ulgii.
The restaurant at the Tolbo lake camp can serve up to 80 people, we have got 6 yurts, a modern toilet, a boiler heating system, and also, a sauna. In each yurt there are 2-4 beds.


Welcome to the Altai  Guest House/Hostel. Located very close to the main square of Ulgii, it is in an older traditional type building, first constructed in 1960. It retains some very unique features from the Mongolian Socialist era, features which we aim to maintain. The building was originally a publically owned restaurant and hotel. In the early nineties the building was privatized and was used primarily for handicrafts. Recently, the building has been purchased and has reverted back to being a place of accommodation.

Other facilities include, free shower, free kitchen, free security lockers, free Wifi. There is a laundry service, $5 per wash load.

(*prices per bed)


Rule of the guest house

Dear Guest

Welcome to The Altai  Guesthouse. We would like you to take notice of the following information.

Entrance and check-in

  • Please do not wear your shoes in the guesthouse, slippers are provided at the entrance.
  • Our check-in time is 12:00. In case, you would like to check in early please contact us before you arrive.
  • Our check-out time is 10:00AM.


  • We would like you to pay for your accommodation when you check-in.
  • Our prices are set in USD. The total about of your bill will always be rounded up to the next full USD. You may also pay in MNT at the current exchange rate.

Breakfast and drinking water

  • Breakfast is free of charge and will be available on the kitchen table every day between 7:00 and 9:30.
  • There is always hot water and tea available in the kitchen, please help yourself
  • In Mongolia tap water is not drinking water. Although boiling the water does take away most of the risk, we recommend buying bottled water from the shop.

Showers and laundry

  • The Bayan-Ulgii central hot water system is switched off at time during the summer months for maintenance work. Our shower has a boiler.
  • Please ask if you would like to borrow a towel during your stay.
  • We offer a laundry service at 5USD per wash load. This charge is due when you give your laundry to the staff. Please allow 24hrs for your laundry to be ready.

Lockers and luggage storage

  • Subject to availability, the lockers are free to use during your stay.
  • You may keep valuables in lockers while you are in the countryside for 5USD per night.
  • Luggage storage is 1.5USD per night, per bag.
  • The Altai Guesthouse will not be held responsible for lost or stolen items.


  • The computer and internet connection in the lounge area is free to use.
  • We offer free WiFi for guests. This can be accessed by connecting to Otau (password: 942418880724)

Office and quiet hours

  • There will be a member of staff available around the clock to assist you.
  • The phone number is (+976) 99427003, 99414588.
  • You can contact the guesthouse manager, Bek, on (+976) 99427003.
  • Please be considerate to other guests and allow for quiet hours in the guesthouse between 23:00 and 7:00.

Thank you for attention. Please don’t hesitate to ask a member of staff  if you have any queries. We wish you a pleasant stay in Mongolia!

Jadra Coffee Shop




We have always participated in projects and event about improving living of the citizens of the local area and become one of the organizations that develops successfull projects.  


We are successfully raising investment in the country and abroad. We give a great importance to the training of teachers in order to increase the quality of education and health.


For our professional team taking care of the personal  convenience of  each traveler is the most important part of the job,  we consider each as our personal guest and many of our travelers have become close friends with us at the end of the trip.


We have many years of experience and the professional  skills required for  successfully organizing Adventure tours including  mountain climbing, horseback riding and cross county hiking , and participation in  the Golden Eagle festival.


The company has the advantage of being 100% locally owned and managed


We have 14+ years of experience in  organizing  tours in our region  and we know the features of Bayan-Ulgii province very well in terms geography and its people, and their language and culture.


Unemployment is high in Mongolia and this issue is no different in our  province. We are always focused on creating new jobs  and reducing local unemployment.


We garry out international and Mongolian students culture exchanging programs


To increase people’s revenues and to create new jobs through developing community based sustainable tourism practices.


 To facilitate a 15% increase in workplace numbers each year and to contribute to reduction of local unemployment To run high standard tour operations and to match clients’ expectations with feasible potentials of the local community.

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