Select your tour and indicate the dates that best fit your schedule. Or, if you have specific interests, which are not included in the tours listed, please email us so we can design a customized tour for you: bek@altaiexpeditions.com

2. Once you have selected a specific tour, complete ONE Application for each member of your party and  email the information to: bek@altaiexpeditions.com

3. Pay Tour Deposit of US $300. per person.

4. Preliminary Confirmation. Within 72 hours of receiving your Application and Deposit, we will confirm receipt and supply you with a preliminary commitment for the selected tour.

5. Final Confirmation. No later than four weeks prior to the tour we will send you a Final Confirmation together with our Invoice for the full charges for your selected tour.

6. Cancellation Policy: You can cancel or change your scheduled tour until receipt of the Final Confirmation. If you cancel, we will refund your deposit in full within 48 hours. If you change your schedule/tour after our final commitment date, your deposit will be applied to the newly selected tour, although additional charges may apply, of which we will notify you in advance. These charges will be applied to your original deposit.

7. Pay Final Tour Payment. Final Confirmation is subject to our receipt of your Final Payment of the full amount of the invoice for the full charges of the tour. If not received within 72 hours from the invoice date, we assume you have canceled the tour.

8. Final Schedule. No later than two weeks following our receipt of Final Payment we will send you a detailed schedule and itinerary with all information you should require.

9. Questions. Please feel free to ask any questions up to the starting date of the tour. You are our valued guest and we want you to know we will do everything possible to make your tour the adventure of a lifetime!

10. Domestic  Flights: Scheduling and payment for flights to and from Ulaan Bataar are your responsibility. We will be happy to provide you information about obtaining flight schedules/cost at your request.

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